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২৫ মার্চ গণহত্যা দিবস ২০২৩ উদযাপন || ২৬ মার্চ মহান স্বাধীনতা দিবস ও জাতীয় দিবস ২০২৩ উদযাপন || কলেজের শ্রেণি কার্যক্রম বন্ধ ও অফিস খোলা সংক্রান্ত বিজ্ঞপ্তি || উচ্চ মাধ্যমিক নির্বাচনী পরীক্ষা-২০২৩ বিজ্ঞপ্তি ও সময়সূচি || ২০২২-২০২৩ শিক্ষাবর্ষে একাদশ শ্রেণিতে ভর্তিকৃত শিক্ষার্থীদের eSIF বিবরণীতে স্বাক্ষর প্রদানের বিজ্ঞপ্তি || স্নাতক (পাস) পর্যায়ে ১ম বর্ষে অধ্যয়নরত শিক্ষার্থীদের উপবৃত্তির আবেদনের বিজ্ঞপ্তি || এটিএন বাংলা কর্তৃক আয়োজিত কনসার্ট প্রোগ্রামে উপস্থিত থাকা সংক্রান্ত || শিক্ষা, সাহিত্য ও সাংস্কৃতিক সপ্তাহ-২০২৩ এর সময়সূচী || এটিএন বাংলা কর্তৃক আয়োজিত কনসার্ট প্রোগ্রামে উপস্থিত থাকা সংক্রান্ত || ১৭ মার্চ ২০২৩ জাতির পিতা বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান এরঁ ১০৩ তম জন্মবার্ষিকী ও জাতীয় শিশু দিবস ২০২৩ এর উদযাপন সংক্রান্ত। ||

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বাংলাদেশের স্বাধীনতা ও বিজয় অর্জনের ৫০ বছর পূর্তি
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About Our College

Rangunia College was established in the centre of Rangunia Upazilla in 1963 to spread the light of education in the north-east Chittagong. At first we would like to express our deep gratitude to Hazi Moulana Ahmed, Mr. Wakil Ahmed Talukder, Dr. Binoy Vushon Dev and Mr. Shantosh Bhuson Das who made their great effort to establish this college. Thirty five kilometers away from Chittagong city this institution is situated on the bank of Karnaphuly surrounded by a panoramic view. With the help of local people specially the local patronizes of learning, social workers, political figures this institution have crossed a long way of fifty years successfully. This centre of learning started its activities in July 1963 with the H.S.C course. In 1965 its full journey was started as a Degree College after getting the approval from Dhaka University. Honours course in Political Science and Management have started recently.
The college code number is 4321 under National University. H.S.C code is 3525. Secondary and Higher Education Directorate Code number is 0210043201.
This centre of learning is working as a lighthouse of the people of hill tracts and the remote areas of Chittagong from the very beginning. This institution is enriched with science laboratory, large library with a large number of books. For the mental development here is a “Debating Club” for the students. For physical development here is a large sports ground with basketball court that is very rare in the rural area. In the field of education, culture and sports this college has gained a unique position in Chittagong.
For the students there are five two-storied buildings covering two acres of land, one administrative building, residential area for the teachers and staffs, dormitory for the bachelor teachers, a large pond covering 01 acre of land, a large play ground of 023 acres. Besides this college is surrounded by 880 acres of cultivable land of its own.
If the government take up this college having a large area enriched with many facilities, the long cherished desire of the local people will be fulfilled and the scope of learning will be enlarged. Not that there is no government college in seven upazillas of northern Chittagong. So we earnestly hope that government will take up this college and it will be a government college of this area very soon.

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President Message

It was Napoleon who once said "Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation." Only education can help a nation to reach the desired goal of peace, prosperity and financial emancipation. This institution is playing a vital role in imparting quality education. After taking the charge I devoted myself to develop its infrastructure and equip this college with modern facilities. I made a basket ball court in 2012 from N.N.K. Foundation that cost me 754,000/-. At present quality education is impossible without the help of I. T. The government has also emphasized on learning I.T. to make digital Bangladesh. Realizing this Rangunia College has opened a dynamic web-site. I welcome it. Through its opening this college will make all the information available to all. I am delighted and I hope it will be user friendly. I wish more success of the college in future.

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Principal Message

From time immemorial to this age of globalization education is the catalyst of change, the change we are badly in need of, to equip ourselves with knowledge and expertise that we need to lead a decent life. Rangunia College, Chittagong is playing the key role in educational development in northern Chittagong from the very beginning of the establishment of this college in 1963. Its natural scenery soothes one’s eye. We are working hard to ensure a congenial academic atmosphere. Not only that, we are always trying our best to impart quality education for all the students. As a result the students of this college made a unique result in 2001 in Degree Pass course and was awarded nationally.

With the help of technological development the world has become a global village. Since this is the age of information technology we are emphasizing on learning computer and information technology. We have spacious computer lab. At this moment our total strength of student is above 3000. To make all our information available to all we have introduced a dynamic website of the college. I wish every success of the students and all related to the college.

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